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I use a self-created scheduling tool that shows real-time project status, allowing me to meet my deadlines 99% of the time. With a fast, visual and dynamic view, all translation stakeholders can shift priorities and make informed decisions quickly. My experience informs a deep understanding of how a translation fits into a larger, collaborative process consisting of creative teams, production teams, translation vendors, advertising agencies and internal partners.

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Maria Bulman © 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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Sales has been part of my family life. Not only have I worked in sales oriented environments for years, I live in a sales oriented family. I admire the many efforts, small and great, a sales person makes every day. I am proud to contribute my professional acumen to the success of a sales force.


Tu Mundo in Spanish

​​​Sales Focus

Maria Bulman

I have dedicated most of my professional career to creating Spanish messages that customers feel reflect who they are. Words carve out emotions. People feel first and think second. This is one of the most important considerations when I translate. I consider my translation work a very delicate work.

Simplicity and Clarity

I also believe in simplicity and clarity when crafting a message, using Spanish words to convey their intended English meaning. 

​​​​​Managing Translation